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Title: Divine Right
Author: [personal profile] evening_bat
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Word Count: ~ 400
Summary: He's come back to the Queen's court in search of someone.
Notes: Just a snippet of an idea that occurred to me in response to one of [livejournal.com profile] jim_and_bones's daily pic posts. Eventually posted in response to a picspam honouring the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and prompting for royalty-related fanworks.

Divine Right

“And so, Captain, you return to our court. Pray tell why you present yourself here once more,” purred the Goddess Queen, shifting to regard the figure who knelt at the foot of her dais.

On the plain seat at her left, the Lord Hierarch smiled at the lazy inquiry in his Exalted Lady’s voice. It was good that the offworld visitor amused the Goddess Queen; her happiness was his.

Below them, the captain lifted his head to answer. “I seem to be missing a crew member, Highest One,” he replied evenly.

The respect with which he addressed the Goddess Queen belied the insolence he displayed in meeting her eyes directly and mutters of disapproval rippled through the court until she lifted a quelling hand, mouth curving in an edged smile.

“How remiss of you to misplace him so,” she murmured, sliding a hand over to stroke the Lord Hierarch’s arm.

His body yearned for more of her touch but he forced himself to stillness, secure in the knowledge that his Exalted Lady would never be so careless as to mislay him. The gentle brush of her fingers was sufficient reminder that he was her Chosen.

“Yeah, well, he always did trust too easily.” The captain’s tone was light. “I plan to have words with him about that when I retrieve him.”

The Goddess Queen laughed airily. “Will you now?”

“With your permission to search, of course,” he added courteously, offering the Goddess Queen his own tight smile.

The Lord Hierarch stared curiously at this interloper who dared to challenge his Exalted Lady. It seemed almost a shame that he was an offworlder - he would be a handsome addition to the Goddess Queen’s own house. The Lord Hierarch thought he might enjoy working with such a man.

The Goddess Queen tapped a finger on the arm of her throne for a moment, her other arm wrapping tightly around the Lord Hierarch’s. He thrilled at the warmth of her body as she leaned into the strength of his arm.

“You have it,” she said at length, eyes narrowed as the captain climbed gracefully to his feet. “I wish you luck, finding your wayward man.”

For the first time, the captain looked over at the Lord Hierarch, surprising him with the fierce gleam in those blue eyes.

“Don’t worry,” he said confidently. “I intend to.”


(A/N: I’m not sure I managed to get my ideas across in this little comment snippet. I do hope so. But for those of you who are confused, the Lord Hierach looks like THIS. Jim is not happy with a certain Goddess Queen.)

I make no promises about more.


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