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Back to Sora and Riku snippets of cuteness. ^_^ Short and sweet. Written on a night when I needed some cheering up and some happy!fic for Sora and Riku seemed like just the thing.

Title: Star Stories
Author: [personal profile] evening_bat
Pairing: Sora/Riku
Rating: Worksafe
Summary: The one where they're lying on the roof looking at the stars.
Notes: Fluff. So much fluff.

Summer in Radiant Garden was nothing like summer back home. Not as hot, not as humid and a bit too still for someone who'd grown up on a tropical island. It still provided nice stargazing weather, much to Sora's delight. Even better, he'd somehow managed to coax Riku up onto the roof of their house and the two of them were lying flat on the rough shingles. It was late enough that the town's usual bustle had faded into a comfortable quiet, leaving them to watch the sky undisturbed.

"I will never get used to the stars being in different places," Sora complained. He missed the familiar constellations he and Riku had spent one summer learning, much to the consternation of Sora's mother, who kept finding them lying out on the lawn hours after they should have been asleep.

Riku chuckled beside him. "Of all of the differences between here and the islands, that's what gets you?" he teased.

"Well, it's the only difference I'm worried about just now," Sora replied, eyes tracing over the unknown stars in the sky.

"Fair enough," Riku allowed easily.

Sora wriggled onto his side and propped himself on one elbow to look over at Riku. His friend was relaxed, stretched out as comfortably on the roof as though it were the soft beaches of their home, one arm tucked under his head and the other resting lightly on his stomach. His hair caught the starlight and Sora couldn't help but reach out, fingers chasing the elusive shimmer through those silver strands. Riku huffed at him but Sora didn't miss the tiny smile curling his friend's lips. It made him smile too as he reluctantly withdrew his hand and lay back down, maybe a bit closer than before.

"So what constellations do they have here, anyway?" Sora asked curiously. It never occurred to him to wonder if Riku knew; Riku always knew these things.

Sure enough, Riku answered. "There's one called the Swan. It's over...there." He shifted closer, tipping his head against Sora's as he lifted an arm to point into the sky. "See that bright one? With the two in a line on the right?"

Sora leaned in, trying to sight down the length of Riku's arm. "Uh... Yeah! I see it," he reported eagerly.

"Okay, well the constellation's actually got 5 stars in it," Riku told him, dropping his arm to rest between them and casually lacing his fingers with Sora's near hand. "There's one kind of above and to the right of the last star and one underneath and to right of the middle one. It's supposed to look like a flying bird, with the bright one as its head," he explained. Sora nodded, eyes wide as he stared up at the image Riku was drawing with his words.

"They say the name comes from an old story," Riku began and Sora tucked himself closer, listening avidly as Riku told him stories of this world's sky.

These boys! They make me happy. They're so adorable. ^_^


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