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So according to Abii, Sora hates the cold. And one night, we were both in the mood for some fluff. Which resulted in a ficbit.

Author: [personal profile] evening_bat
Pairing: Sora/Riku
Rating: Worksafe
Summary: Sora was feeling pretty miserable until Riku treated him to a few of the comforts of home.

By the time he finally made it home that night, Sora was about ready to crawl into bed and hide under his covers for a week. He'd stayed in Hollow Bastion today and he'd thought that Riku would be staying with him, right up until this morning when Riku had shaken his head apologetically and slipped away, explaining that he needed to "go check something out." With a start like that, Sora supposed he should have expected the day to go a bit sour but his usual optimism had helped him push aside his disappointment over Riku's departure. He still had Donald and Goofy with him, after all, and plans with the Restoration Committee to go clear out the pockets of heartless that had started to gather around the edges of the areas protected by the security system. No one had expected the damn things to be so hard to get rid of, though, with new stragglers appearing every time they thought they'd finally gotten the last of them. To make things worse, it had been raining steadily all day long, leaving everyone scrambling for footing on slick stone and fighting shivers every time the wind picked up.

Hours later, Sora was tired, wet, cold and feeling rather unusually cranky. Sure, it was great that the heartless wouldn't be troubling the town again anytime soon but he was still tired, wet and cold and really really ready for today to be over. Thank God for Aerith, who'd kept herself busy running thermoses full of hot soup and tea to all of them. She'd been just as bedraggled as anyone else by the time that Zack and Cloud had walked her home but she'd kept them all fed and the warmth had been welcome. Besides, since he'd already eaten, Sora could just crawl into bed as soon as he got home, the way he'd been longing to do for the last couple of hours.

His mood brightened somewhat as he opened the door to his house. Not only was it a huge relief to finally be in out of the rain but there was light spilling down the hallway from the living room. Riku must be home. Sora grinned to himself and toed off his shoes, grimacing at the soaked state of his socks before he peeled them off too. Padding barefoot down the hall, he paused in the living room door. The hot shower he'd promised himself could wait until after he'd said hello to Riku.

Sora wasn't surprised to find him stretched out on the couch with an open book propped on his stomach. Riku had already been looking up when Sora stepped into view and Sora was almost amused at the way Riku's half-smile of welcome disappeared in a startled blink. He knew how pathetic he looked, chilled, thoroughly drenched and dripping water all over the floor. Riku's eyes narrowed briefly as he gave Sora a quick once-over, taking in his bare feet, visible goosebumps and limp spikes of wet hair.

"Bad day?" Riku asked mildly, concern flickering in his eyes.

Sora sighed theatrically and flung his arms wide. "Look and tell me what you think!" he demanded, shaking a spray of water droplets at his far too comfortable-looking boyfriend.

Riku shook his head, looking vaguely amused at Sora's dramatics. "I think you'll feel better if you go take a hot shower, so stop complaining and go," he told him, making a shooing motion with one hand.

"But Riku, you could..." Sora began, taking a step forward.

"Don't even think about it," Riku commanded him, stopping Sora in his tracks with a pointed finger. "I just got dry myself and I am in no hurry to get wet again."

Sora pouted at him but Riku just chuckled.

"Go, Sora. You'll feel much better for it, I promise."

Finally accepting that he had no chance of enticing Riku into the shower with him, Sora sighed and trudged back towards their bedroom. He knew he'd feel better after a shower but having Riku's company would have made him feel better now. Grumbling to himself, he stripped out of his wet clothes and let them fall to the floor. He winced at the sound of the wet slap they made against the floor and promised himself that he'd take care of them after his hands stopped feeling too stiff to wring the clothes out properly. That thought was all the further motivation he needed and he hurried into the bathroom.

For the first time today, Sora was glad to be standing under running water. He happily soaked up the heat of the shower, feeling his normal cheer reassert itself as the warmth of the water chased away the worst of the chill he'd been suffering. He hated being cold. Late autumn rainstorms in Hollow Bastion might not beat the Land of Dragons in terms of temperature but right now, Sora would have been hard-pressed to choose which one had made him more miserable: slogging through snow in magical shorts and short sleeves or slogging through incessant wind and rain for hours on end. Fortunately, he was done with all of that for the day and now he could go try to wheedle the story of what Riku had been doing today out of his closemouthed boyfriend.

Half-blinded by the towel he was using to vigorously rub his hair as he walked into the bedroom, Sora didn't notice the signs at first. Only after he slung the towel around his neck and started reaching for a clean shirt did he realize that the clothes he'd left in a wet heap on the floor were gone. Instead, there were clean, dry clothes laid out on the bed and a gently steaming mug of tea waited for him on his dresser. He stared at it, briefly confused, and then a wide, pleased smile spread over his face. This, he decided, was worth showering alone.

It only took a few minutes to get dressed and toss the wet towels into the clothes basket and Sora already felt infinitely better than he had when he'd walked into the house. He picked up the mug and took a careful sip, sighing happily as the warmth of the tea settled in his stomach. Even hot showers didn't help get rid of the cold that seemed to settle right into the centre of him but the tea ought to do the trick nicely. As would the presence of the person who'd been kind enough to bring it to him, he thought as he drank again. Brightening, he walked back out into the hallway, bringing the mug with him. A quick glance into the laundry room as he walked past showed him that his clothes had been wrung out and hung on the drying rack, next to Riku's.

Riku had one more surprise for him, though. When Sora stopped in the doorway again, opening his mouth to thank Riku for the tea, there was a half-folded blanket draped over one arm of the sofa and Riku had folded himself into the opposite corner, book open on the arm. Riku merely flicked his eyes up at Sora, made a satisfied humming noise and promptly returned his attention to the book. Sora just shook his head, amused affection bright in his eyes as he walked across the room. Only Riku, he sighed to himself, smiling.

The blanket was one of his favourites, thick and soft, a dark blue that reminded him of home. Sora looked between the blanket and the mug in his hand, then shrugged and drained what was left in the cup. Putting the mug aside, he shook the blanket out and draped it around his shoulders before sitting carefully on the couch. He was aware of Riku giving him a sidelong look as he proceeded to wrap the blanket around himself; he'd sat in the middle of the couch, rather than on the end that Riku had left open for him. He smiled to himself, fully intending to live up to Riku's suspicions.

He shuffled sideways on the couch, until he was practically sitting on Riku's feet. Riku ignored him but Sora had been expecting that. He wriggled a bit and nudged at Riku's leg though the blanket. Riku sighed, looking up with a show of reluctance.

"Yes, Sora?" he asked, in a tone of exaggerated patience.

Sora gave him his best wide-eyed pleading look.

"You do realize that there's half a couch over there," Riku pointed out.

"Yeah, but you're not on that half," Sora said.

Riku sighed again. "How can I argue with that kind of logic?" he asked rhetorically, already lifting his arm and swinging his feet to the floor.

"You can't!" Sora affirmed happily, scooting eagerly across the cushions to lean into Riku's side.

"Don't tell me you're still cold," Riku said dryly, lifting a single eyebrow in half-serious inquiry as Sora snuggled up.

"You know how it goes," Sora replied, freeing one arm from the blanket to rest his hand on Riku's chest. "These chills can be hard to shake."

"Mm hm." Riku may have sounded skeptical but he made no effort to dislodge Sora, who was happy to take that as approval and tucked his head under Riku's chin. He sighed contentedly when Riku wrapped his arm around him, hand settling lightly on Sora's hip.

"What are you reading?" he asked, unwilling to move to get a good look at the book that continued to hold Riku's attention.

"History of a world you've never heard of before," Riku responded without looking up. "Got it from one of the new people that came in this week. Actually not bad reading for a textbook," he commented.

"Oh yeah?" Sora asked curiously. "Any interesting stories in there?"

Riku actually looked over at him. "Can't you just sit there and get warm?" he chided fondly.

"Nope!" Sora responded cheerfully. "Come on! Tell me something interesting about the history of this world that I don't know."

Riku rolled his eyes. "I guess if I don't, you'll never let me get any reading done," he complained but he was already flipping back through the pages.

"Probably not," Sora agreed, waiting for Riku to get the obligatory protesting over with and start talking. All in all, the day was ending far better than it had begun and Sora couldn't be happier.

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