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Title: Aversion
Author: [personal profile] evening_bat
Fandom: Transformers (Beast Wars)
Rating: G
Spoilers:: For the end of Beast Wars, beginning of Beast Machines. Sort of.
Warnings: Uh, nope.
Word Count: ~300
Summary: He couldn’t believe this was happening.

Note: Dashed off in a fit of frustration at work. Work-frustration and fannish-frustration combine oddly in my head. Takes place after the end of Beast Wars but before Beast Machines begins.

Everybody jumped when Cheetor woke from a dead sleep with a yell.

"You all right there, Cheetor?" Rhinox asked mildly as Rattrap edged away.

"That's it. Spots has gone space-crazy," he muttered as he sidled out of reach.

Cheetor didn't respond to either of them, gaze wandering around the cabin of the shuttle like he'd never seen it before as his hands clutched at the seat in which he'd dozed off.

"Cheetor?" Optimus asked with concern.

Cheetor's eyes snapped to Optimus' face, brightening with recognition - and relief. "Optimus!"

Optimus nodded encouragingly. "That's right. Are you okay?"

"I - yeah," Cheetor said on a gusty sigh. "Yeah, I'm oka - wait. Megatron!" Panic flashed across his face as he bolted from the room.

The Maximals blinked in confusion.

Optimus heaved a sigh of his own. "Silverbolt, go check on him."

Silverbolt obediently left the room, to Rattrap's renewed declarations of "Space-crazy, I'm telling you!"

They were back a few minutes later, Cheetor looking much relieved and Silverbolt looking even more confused.

"But how did you know?" he was asking as he followed Cheetor back into the main cabin.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Cheetor replied. "But Megatron's not going anywhere and that's the important part, right?"

"Megatron had nearly worked his way out of his restraints," Silverbolt explained to the rest of the crew as Cheetor slunk back to his seat. "We were barely in time to keep him from escaping from the shuttle."

"That could have been messy," Rhinox commented. "We're still in transwarp."

Optimus ignored the babble that had erupted and kept his attention on Cheetor, who'd slumped down in the oversized chair. "Cheetor. What is going on?"

Cheetor looked up at him with a tired smile. "Nothing, Optimus. Everything's okay. I just had a crazy dream."


Note the second: Like many others, I had some...issues with Beast Machines. My go-to explanation for the whole thing used to be “someone slipped Primal the Cybertonian equivalent of LSD and it was all A REALLY BAD TRIP.” Then it occurred to me that we have a character with canonical precognitive dreams...



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