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Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Pairing: Murata Ken/Gurrier Yozak
Theme set: Epsilon
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Originally posted over on [livejournal.com profile] 1sentence

#01 - Motion
Murata spent the afternoon in the castle courtyard watching Conrad and Yozak spar, impressed by their skilled swordwork and appreciating the play of muscles in the redhead's bare arms.

#02 - Cool
The water of the river was cool relief after travelling through the heat of the afternoon and Yozak and Murata watched indulgently as Yuuri splashed a double handful of water on Conrad as Wolfram fumed jealously on shore.

#03 - Young
They seem so young to him sometimes but then he hears Yozak's cheerful disrepect towards his monarch and is amused to remember how young he looks to them.

#04 - Last
This isn't really my last chance, Murata thought to the stricken blue eyes watching him but he didn't say anything before he turned and leapt into the shimmering portal.

#05 - Wrong
"Something's not right," Murata murmured uneasily and Yozak straightened alertly in response to his vague warning.

#06 - Gentle
Yozak admires the Great Sage's ability to delicately manage a situation; his subtle manipulations are more effective than outright interference.

#07 - One
There was only one person he trusted to help him connive a solution to the chaos around him so Murata faded into the background and went in search of Yozak.

#08 - Thousand
He's over four thousand years old and damn it, he knows better to get tangled up in this right now but somehow there's no resisting the sly invitation in Yozak's eyes.

#09 - King
It didn't take long to convince Yozak that Yuuri would be one of the best kings Shin Makoku had ever had; the Great Sage's arrival changed faith into fact.

#10 - Learn
However long-lived you are, Murata reflected as he listened to Yozak recounting the local history of the town they were passing through, there's always something new to learn.

#11 - Blur
The dark lenses of his hastily-constructed disguise are ordinary glass and they reduce the world to smeared blurs but he trusts the warm presence behind him to guide his steps.

#12 - Wait
Weeks or months often pass while the King and the Sage are absent but Yozak rarely has the luxury of waiting idly for their return.

#13 - Change
Yuuri fled the room when he found Yozak changing into something frilly and pink as Murata looked on critically and gave him suggestions.

#14 - Command
Finding out the truth about Murata Ken had been a great relief to Yozak, as it explained why he'd been so willing to accept commands from the strange boy.

#15 - Hold
The Great Sage was unconscious, dead weight in his arms, and Yozak swore softly, tightening his grip as he hurried them to safety.

#16 - Need
A subtle gesture served as a summons and he drifted carefully through the crowd until he reached the Great Sage's side and waited for the young man's whispered instructions.

#17 - Vision
He may need lenses to correct his vision but the Great Sage still sees further and deeper than anyone Yozak has ever known.

#18 - Attention
Yozak knew he'd be called upon to act soon, feeling tensions rise as the situation deteriorated and carefully watched the Great Sage for his cue to move.

#19 - Soul
There are some occasions when the veneer of harmless schoolboy wears thin and Yozak can see the ancient soul looking out of the young man's eyes.

#20 - Picture
Gwendel and Gunter were skeptical about the Great Sage's identity until he showed them a picture, which was a surprise to Yozak, who hadn't doubted his claim for a moment.

#21 - Fool
Yozak wonders which was more foolish: becoming involved with the Great Sage in the first place or hoping that the boy cares for him a fraction as much as he obviously still cares for Shinou.

#22 - Mad
"I don't care how magnificent or helpful a sheep T-Zou is, I still think he's crazy," Murata declares obstinately, ignoring Yozak's snickers.

#23 - Child
Murata Ken sometimes makes it easy to believe that he's just a foolish child but Yozak quickly learned to watch for the calculating intelligence hidden under his childish mannerisms.

#24 - Now
Yozak heard something desperate in the Great Sage's insistence that he wasn't that person anymore and didn't say anything, just tightened his grip on the shoulders shaking beneath his hands.

#25 - Shadow
If Yozak sometimes sees the shadow of a tall, long-haired man when he looks at the Great Sage, it is quickly dispelled by Murata Ken's bright grin.

#26 - Goodbye
When Yozak left the castle this morning on another information-gathering mission, a slim silhouette lifted a hand in silent farewell from an upstairs window.

#27 - Hide
The guard patrol swept past and Yozak's arm was a warm band across his chest as he pushed them a few steps further into the concealing shadows of the alley.

#28 - Fortune
The curtains rustled as they swept over the opening and Yozak smiled sympathetically, handing a few coins to the shaken wisewoman who'd just tried to read the Great Sage's fortune before he followed him out of the tent.

#29 - Safe
As the enemy soldiers approach, Conrad and Yozak take up protective positions in front of the King and the Great Sage, keeping them safely behind them.

#30 - Ghost
When his duties take him to Shinou's Temple, Yozak sometimes notices a faraway look in the Great Sage's eyes and suspects he is listening to the ghostly whispers of a once-beloved and long-gone voice.

#31 - Book
When searching for the Great Sage, Yozak always checks the library first.

#32 - Eye
Yozak never seems to believe him when Murata insists that to him, blue eyes are exotic.

#33 - Never
Yozak looked worried when Murata told him that he's never done THAT before but smiled brightly when Murata added, "At least, not in this lifetime."

#34 - Sing
Yozak wasn't surprised when the Great Sage proved to know all of the words to the old folk ballad that Yozak had been humming all morning.

#35 - Sudden
The edge of the narrow path crumbled without warning but a voice drawled, "Watch your step, Your Highness," into his ear as strong hands pulled him to safety.

#36 - Stop
"Sometimes I wish that I could just make things stop," Murata whispered late one night and something in his tone of voice made Yozak worry about what the Sage was seeing in their future.

#37 - Time
"It's been a long time since I've been here," the Great Sage told Yozak, not long after his arrival and Yozak has never been sure how to interpret the mixture of relief and sadness he heard in the young man's voice.

#38 - Wash
Yozak found the Great Sage sitting on the edge of the fountain in the Temple courtyard, staring blankly into the pool and letting the water pouring from the lion-headed waterspouts wash endlessly over his hands and after a moment's hesitation, he left without disturbing him.

#39 - Torn
He's all right, despite the ragged tear in his sleeve but Yozak won't listen to his reassurances and carefully peels the material away to see for himself.

#40 - History
The Great Sage is a living piece of their kingdom's history and Yozak looks forward to seeing what history Murata Ken will help them write.

#41 - Power
Meeting the Great Sage reaffirmed for Yozak the truth of the old saying that knowledge is power.

#42 - Bother
At first, it bothered Yozak that the Great Sage travels unarmed but so far, the young man has proven able to take care of himself remarkably well.

#43 - God
Murata shocked his companions by bursting into laughter when they told him how much they revered Shinou's spirit and then spent half an hour trying to explain to a curious Yozak why he found it so funny.

#44 - Wall
The stone wall was rough against his back as Murata dragged a very surprised Yozak down into a kiss.

#45 - Naked
Yozak is used to being underestimated but the Great Sage's measuring gaze seems to strip away his facades and always leaves him feeling strangely exposed.

#46 - Drive
There were arms wrapped loosely around his waist, a warm weight leaning trustingly against his back and Yozak shared a smile with a similarly-burdened Conrad as they turned their horses' heads towards home.

#47 - Harm
"You should be more careful," Murata scolded lightly as he bandaged a bloody gash in Yozak's arm, "Who'd help me keep these guys out of trouble if you were gone?"

#48 - Precious
Conrad gave his carnival prizes to Yuuri, so that the King might give them to Greta but Yozak offered his to Murata with a flourish and grinned broadly when the young man cheerfully picked out a few particularly gaudy bracelets and slid them onto his wrist.

#49 - Hunger
Diplomatic banquets irritated Murata - not enough food and too much political posturing - but he found himself swallowing laughter when a broad-shouldered, orange-haired serving woman gave him a saucy wink.

#50 - Believe
The situation was undeniably tangled but there was an expression of fierce concentration on the Great Sage's face and Yozak trusted him to find them a way out.


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