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Title: Working Out The Kinks
Author: [personal profile] evening_bat
Pairing: Chuck/Bryce
Rating: uh...verging on R
Word Count: ~ 360
Warnings: Canon? What canon?
Summary: Bryce insisted it would be a great idea.
Notes: So I showed [livejournal.com profile] seryan a scene-in-progress from a Chuck fic I’m writing wherein Bryce teases Chuck about taking up yoga. Unsurprisingly, this led to both of us becoming deeply distracted by the thought of bendy!Bryce. And then she not-at-all innocently commented about how some couples practice naked yoga together.

So I said “wow, I’m glad you said that or you’d be daring me to write something about it” and she said “who said I’m not?” and then this happened:

"Chuck. Chuck. Remember to breathe."

Chuck sucked in a huge breath and ended up choking on his own spit, collapsing into a heap of explosive coughing.

Bryce shook his head in mock-disappointment, eyes sparkling with amusement. "Deep breaths, Chuck," he chided. "Not landed-fish gasps."

Chuck glared at him, all cool self-possession and miles and miles of sleek muscle and naked skin. Naked skin. "You know, when you said you'd help me with this yoga thing, this was not what I thought you had in mind!"

"No?" Bryce affected surprise. "And here I thought having someone to follow would be a helpful guide."

Sure, someone to follow. Maybe if that 'someone' wasn't Bryce. Naked and bendy Bryce, when Chuck sometimes had trouble meeting Bryce's eyes when they were both fully-clothed and not trying to twist themselves into pretzel shapes.

"But why are we naked?" Chuck protested and immediately considered banging his head off the floor a few dozen times when he heard how desperate he sounded. Smooth, Chuck, he scolded himself. Really smooth.

"It's meant to help free you from mental and physical constraint," Bryce explained (so earnestly that Chuck knew he was fucking with him). "And to help you be relaxed in your own skin."

It wasn't Chuck's own skin he was having issues with.

"Really," Bryce continued airily. "There's nothing to it." And proceeded to fold himself in half and inside out, or something that looked equally improbable and painfully impossible. And really, really hot.

Chuck abruptly collapsed into a seat, crossing his arms carefully over his lap. "Nothing to it for you, maybe," he grumbled, trying to decide if demanding another demonstration would be an acceptable stalling tactic or a really really bad idea.

Bryce actually managed a shrug in his ridiculously contorted position and smoothly shifted through a series of careful stretches, to Chuck's helpless fascination.

Okay, enough was enough.

Chuck scrambled to his knees and tackled Bryce flat to the mat, shuddering at the sweaty slide of skin on skin.

"I can think of better ways to exercise your flexibility," he suggested hoarsely.

Bryce grinned up at him, bright-eyed and intent. "I'm always open to alternative exercise programs."


I don’t even know, guys. Uh, enjoy? :D


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