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Crawl To Your Foothill

Gabriel's secret is out, but he doesn't seem too eager to jump into his brothers' squabble. He'd be a useful ally, but Dean's got bigger problems to deal with than a reluctant archangel. But it's when Gabriel stops by with an offer for Dean that things get interesting.

All titles from The Tea Party's The Messenger.

(1) Not Expecting To Collide: Dean has a problem. Gabriel’s willing to lend a hand. (Or two.)

(2) A Minute I Let My Guard Down: Sam finds out about them by accident.

(3) This Desire I Can’t Kill: Dean likes it when Castiel visits ― just not on nights when Gabriel is around.

(4) What Our Fears Were All About: Dean’s got determination and balls to spare but that’s worth squat against the Devil. Too bad the only person powerful enough to make a difference can’t be bothered to lift a finger to help.

(5) Could Almost Touch Heaven: The Apocalypse is nigh and the Winchesters have lost their best chance of taking out the Devil. (Dean isn’t thinking about the fact that he may have lost more than that.)

(NB: Stories without active links are forthcoming.)


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