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Thanks for tackling the challenge of writing me a story. I look forward to reading it! :D

I'm going to go ahead and ramble for a bit about story elements and character tidbits that I like and those that I'd rather avoid. I hope they will help you refine your ideas rather than making you feel limited.

Blanket DO NOT WANT elements:

No major character death, non-con, or heartbreaking endings, please. I'm also not a fan of mpreg or alpha/beta/omega dynamics.

Blanket YES PLEASE elements:

I enjoy plot and character interaction, and I love seeing characters be intelligent and capable. I am a huge fan of h/c. Also, while I don't want people to die and stay dead, presumed character death is A-OK.

Fandom 1: The Musketeers
Character: Aramis

I am fond of all of our heroes, but Aramis is my hands-down favourite. I'd love to see something with him in an important role, though I'd certainly welcome the presence of the other three musketeers. (Or two, if you fancy trying your hand at something set pre-series, a time about which I am very curious.) Gen is lovely, but I'm also a slash fan. Athos/Aramis and OT3 are my preferred pairings. I'd love to see something that shows us why these guys were called the Inseparables. The Musketeers are a quintessential example of swashbucklers, and anything that puts that on display would be awesome. I'd prefer if the story wasn't too focused heavily on the canon romances but totally understand if you want to include some elements.

Fandom 3: Final Fantasy XII
Character: Balthier

I've played a number of RPGs, including a handful of the FF series, but FFXII is one of the very few I've played to completion. I even played through all the optional content. (Except for the fishing game because to hell with that.) I loved the world, and the politics, and the grand adventure. But of all of the party characters, Balthier stood out the most. Tell me a story about him, please? Any story. How and why did he leave Archades? How'd he meet Fran, and why did she stick with him? What in-game adventures didn't we see on-screen? How'd he and Fran survive the crash of the Bahamut? What's he doing over in FFT? Seriously, I'd really love to read anything about him. (Like I said, I like them smart and capable, and he's both.) I adored the partnership between him and Fran, so I'd be happy to see her included in the story. The rest of the party is welcome, though aside from the sky pirates, Basch was the character I liked the most. I'm really not a fan of Balthier/Ashe, so if you could avoid that pairing, it would be much appreciated.

Fandom 3: Highlander
Character: Methos

Okay, I'll be honest - I kept watching Highlander for Methos. He's absolutely fascinating, and despite his protests of being "just a guy" I always wondered what kind of man manages to survive for 5000 years. For someone who seemed so innocuous, I've always thought he had the capacity to be profoundly dangerous. I'd welcome pretty much anything about him, although I'd prefer something set close to the series' present-day rather than entirely historical. I loved watching Methos swan about the 20th century proving his adaptability. His interactions with Joe were always a highlight and more about how those two work together and play off of each other would be amazing. I don't object to slash, and I don't hate Duncan so feel free to let the title character play along. And if you have a way of explaining why Methos was so taken with Duncan (besides the fact that he looks very good shirtless) that would be awesome, because I never was able to figure that part out. XD

Thanks again, Mystery Author! I can't wait to read whatever you write. :)


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