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Not a single ficbit but a series of four shorter ones. Written at different times, for different reasons and different people. And thrown together mostly because I feel like it. All KH, all Sora/Riku, all shamelessly self-indulgent. (You will notice a common trend here.)

1) So once Abii (who plays Sora to my Riku and is one of my very favourite fangirls) and I realized that we were both hoping to pair off Sora and Riku, things got interesting. And by "interesting," I mean, "awesome." This was one of the ideas we giggled over.

Riku remained seated on the couch, looking coolly up at Sora who stood over him with his hands on his hips. "I'm not going," he said flatly.

"But you should!" Sora burst out. "They're my friends and I-"

"Exactly," Riku cut in. "They're your friends."

"But I want them to be your friends too!" Sora insisted, poking Riku in the chest.

Riku sighed in exasperation. "I even didn't like going to parties back home," he complained. "I don't know why you think that would have changed in the past two years."

"Then maybe it's about time it did," Sora responded promptly. He was sick of seeing Riku keep himself so aloof. He wanted his best friend close.

Riku scowled. "Maybe it's about time that you drop this," he said sharply. "I don't even know why you're making such a big deal about it," he muttered, looking away.

Weeks of watching Riku slink around the edges of Hollow Bastion, of worrying as he disappeared for hours at a time, of missing his best friend even though he was right there were finally too much for Sora. His temper snapped and the words he'd been guarding so carefully came boiling out.

"Because I love you, you humongous jerk!" he yelled, somehow finding his hands fisted in the front of Riku's shirt.

A shocked silence fell as they looked at each other in disbelief.

"I - I," Sora tried to explain but the words dried up in his throat and he squeezed his eyes shut, knowing he'd just ruined everything.

He heard a soft sigh and felt hands settle on his own, tugging lightly. He shook his head and held on tighter. He couldn't let Riku leave now, not until he'd fixed this.

"Sora, let go," Riku's voice chided lightly.

"No," Sora refused without looking at him. "You're not going anywhere."

"Then how I am going to get ready for this party?" Riku asked reasonably. Sora jerked his head up, eyes flying open as he sought Riku's.

Riku's smile was tentative but his eyes were shining with a kind of surprised happiness that took Sora's breath away. He couldn't help but stare, entranced, suddenly very aware that he was practically sitting on Riku's lap and still clinging rather desperately to him.

They were already late for the party, Sora decided. Another delay wouldn't make much difference, he told himself as he leaned forward and firmly kissed his best friend. Or whatever it was that Riku was now.

2) Written purely for myself. I LOVE the ending of the final battle and the cutscenes that follow. Kind of a lot. Consider this a (very) small attempt to make up for the game cruelly depriving us of the Sora/Riku interaction that we all know really happened.

The beach they were sitting on was eerily empty but waves still rolled onto the shore here, just like they did at home, and Sora found the sound comforting despite the odd, diffuse light. For the first time in a long time, he didn't need to worry about the next fight, the next enemy or how everyone was doing. It was nice, Sora reflected, to just sit and relax, though he'd be happier if Riku was all right. He was sleeping now, head pillowed on Sora's shoulder with Sora's arm wrapped around him. The spells and potions they'd tried hadn't completely healed his wounds, though Riku had sworn he was fine before eventually drifting off to sleep. Sora didn't believe that for a second but he knew that they would both be okay and that was the most important thing. His heart might still yearn for home, refusing to believe this was the end of their story, but they were here and safe and it would be enough.

3) So at one point, Abii realized that she missed Sora's birthday in-game. And felt like apologizing with a ficbit. So I offered this one. It is silly and sappy and without any redeeming features.

"We just can't catch a break, can we?" Riku asked the ceiling, slouched deep into the couch, head titled back as he stared upwards.

"Nope," Sora agreed, slumped bonelessly beside Riku. Endless days of skirmishes had kept the keybladers scrambling to beat back the heartless, finally erupting into a massive attack that had taken what very little energy they had left. Sora was so tired that breathing felt like a chore and he knew Riku wasn't much better off.

"Oh shit," Riku said suddenly, sounding faintly alarmed.

Sora considered sitting up but decided being alert would take too much energy. He did manage to roll his head to the side so he could look directly at Riku and he considered that a minor victory. "What?" he asked, too tired to worry.

"We missed your birthday," Riku informed him, giving Sora a guilty sidelong look.

"We did?" Sora considered this. Huh. His birthday had been a few days ago. He hadn't noticed. "Oh. Well, we've been busy," he said philosophically.

"I'm still sorry. I wish-" Riku began, trailing off into uncomfortable silence.

Sora made a questioning noise at him.

"I wish I could have done something special for you," Riku finally admitted, voice nearly inaudible.

Sora could feel the smile spread across his face. For this, he could find the energy to move. He slid himself across the small space between them and laid his head on Riku's shoulder. "You came back to me," he whispered. "I've already got the only present I ever wanted."

4) Written at the request of [livejournal.com profile] rhole. She asked for "Sora fiddling with Riku's hair" which is a subject near and dear to my heart.

When Riku woke up, it was to the now-familiar feeling of fingers carding through his hair.

"Sora..." he complained sleepily. There was a quiet laugh above him and the warm surface he was sleeping on shifted.

"Sorry, Riku," Sora apologized cheerfully.

"Don't sound it," Riku grumbled. "Knew letting you on was a mistake." He had only a vague memory of his nap being interrupted, hands prodding him to move as a slim body slid onto the couch with him.

"Call it my fee for pillow duty," was Sora's easy response.

Riku's answer was lost in a yawn and he decided to ignore Sora's laughter. He might be awake but there was nothing saying he had to get up yet. Sora didn't seem to mind, apparently content to let Riku keep sprawling all over him. And playing with his hair, of course. The soft stroking had Riku's eyes closing almost despite himself.

"Don't know why you're so fascinated by my hair," he murmured, thinking maybe he'd go back to sleep after all.

"It's pretty," Sora told him, without an ounce of shame. "I like it. I like playing with it."

Riku snorted. He felt Sora move and made a wordless sound of complaint.

When Sora spoke next, his breath was warm against Riku's ear. "You're pretty too," he confided. "And even more fun to play with than your hair."

Riku's eyes opened as one of Sora's hands slid out of his hair and down his back. Maybe he wasn't all that tired after all.

Too short and self-indulgent to encourage comments on. ^_~

Date: 2010-04-26 03:06 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Adorable. And you are officially no longer allowed to tease me about the hair thing. ~_^

Date: 2010-04-26 09:31 pm (UTC)
ext_144324: (Default)
From: [identity profile] seryan.livejournal.com
However did you know that was me? I do wonder. ~_^

Should I leave the rest of the KH stuff alone then? But I see something about a leather boutique...


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