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All of my art links are now non-functional, excepting those few images I had on tumblr - I think Kings of the North is okay? But only some of The Sound Below Sound, and practically nothing else, including art gifts drawn for exchanges that I need to be still visible/accessible on AO3.

Some things I'll put up here, since DW has image hosting now, but DW doesn't do third party links, so I'm not sure what to do for AO3 yet. Tumblr changes their URLs too often to be helpful.

Will look into it, and try to fix! I'm sorry for the current fail.

More shiny summer things to do!

Jul. 3rd, 2017 07:45 pm
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Gen Ex - for friendships, family, enemies, co-workers- any and all '&' relationships. Signups just opened.

Watson's Woes - July promptfest has just started! Every day has a new prompt, and fics can be in any Holmesian universe or AU you like.

Iddy Iddy Bang Bang - The most self-indulgent of bangs, for all your iddiest ficable desires. Thank you [personal profile] cypher for the tip!

Innumerable Stars - Tolkien exchange! This year will have character, gen, and ship matching. All the Tolkien! Even Born of Hope. Noms soon, I think.

Drawsome - a weekly art challenge community that [personal profile] mekare linked me. It looks fun!


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