Mar. 15th, 2014

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Title: No Such Thing
Author: [personal profile] evening_bat
Pairing: Gen
Rating: G
Word Count: ~800
Warnings: Crack. Animal Transformation.
Summary: When he'd joined the musketeers, Athos had been prepared for danger. He hadn't been prepared for this.

Notes: The lovely [personal profile] lynndyre and I have been trading squee and fic plotting for The Musketeers, tremendous fun in and of itself. But then she went and said this: "You called him grumpy cat Athos, and now all I can see is this round fluffy greyish brown ball of grump, with a short fat tail and little furry moustache/beard, and his ears perpetually sideways at the world. XD (Porthos is a huge chocolatey ragdoll cross, able to out-strut basically anything and also to occupy the entirety of a given surface, and Aramis a brown tabby with a long-haired tail, like a plume. Aramis can make the puss-in-boots face.)" My reaction can best be summed up by, "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED." She supplied the (wonderful!) embedded art. You have been warned. :D

Athos had avoided any extensive self-examination but he knew he was small. And scruffy. And a cat. )

Do yourselves a favour and go check out the rest of [personal profile] lynndyre's awesome art over here. It's brillant! :D (Fic snippets are pending.)


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